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About Jeffrey Dieffenbach

- What is it like to work with me?
I enjoy pursuing excellence. I’m not perfect, but I am determined to get it right. I put a high priority on relationships which leads to a more consultative approach to helping clients. I believe that family is important, and because of that I sometimes need to prioritize my own family above an appointment.
- How well do I know the area?
I grew up in western Berks county and live in northern Lancaster county since 2006. My family and I absolutely love the area’s mix of rolling hills and valleys, open and wooded land. The majority of my business is in the areas surrounding Lancaster, Lebanon, and Reading cities. 
- Why should you work with me instead of a different agent?
We make the process of buying and selling real estate as smooth as we can and try to eliminate stress as much as possible.
- How responsive am I?
I do my best to respond within an hour, its not a guarantee, but I work hard to make it happen. You can ALWAYS call, text, email me, it is never a bother. I will always get back to you.
- What can you expect from me?
Buying and selling is YOUR decision, I can’t make the decision for you. I’m happy to help you with the decision by giving you information, and even helping with a framework on HOW to make the decision as well as my own opinion. I’m giving it everything I’ve got to help you reach your goals and feel confident in the decision you make.
- How much experience do I have?
I started selling real estate full time in 2008, since then I’ve been blessed to help more than 400 families. 
- Do I have any specialties or niches?
If there is real estate involved, I’m interested in helping. I believe that owning real estate helps families increase their quality of living. I have a special appreciation for properties that have some acreage with them. I also like commercial real estate, helping a business find space that helps them grow and provide more jobs is very rewarding.

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